IndieRoyal Xmas Bundle 2.0 now available

In the market for some new, lesser known titles to tickle your fancy? Well, friend, the IndieRoyal Xmas Bundle 2.0 is right up your alley.

The new bundle will contain six titles;

- Color Blind
- Offspring Fling
- Serious Sam Double D
- Serious Sam: The Random Encounter
- Puzzle Bots
- Little Kingdom
Bonus Title: Namiko

The more money you throw down for your bundle the less amount of dough your friends and fellow gamers will have to spend on theirs. Right now, the minimum you have to pay is $4.84, however if you pay more than $7.76 you'll get the music album "Rhythm'n'bits" by Yoann Turpin.

You can get started through here.