'Dead Island: Riptide' producer details game's new features

The game's creative producer Anthony Cardahi has detailed the new features you'll find in the upcoming sequel, Dead Island: Riptide.

In a recent interview with OPM, Cardahi stated that the game will include a "defense hubs" horde mode.
“They introduce something that is a classic zombie trope that you see in a lot of movies,” he said, “where survivors fortify a location and try to hold on as long as they can. It’s something that makes complete sense in the world of Dead Island.”
New vehicles to traverse the island will also be present, with an example being a row boat.
“The monsoons that were mentioned in the first game have now come to the archipelago. So a lot of the areas are flooded. This then allowed us to bring in the boats, which open up a lot of new gameplay possibilities in regards to movement and exploration."
Cardahi then elaborated on the game's new weather system, which will make getting to the opposite side of the island a real chore.
“That allows us to play around with the atmosphere of the game a lot more thanks to the different lighting systems, from sunny blue skies to dark, torrential rains storms that will obscure your visibility."
Cardahi then gave a little information about the game's newest zombie type;
“The first one we’re talking about is called the Grenadier. He’s a lumbering monstrosity who has cancerous growths all over his body and he flings parts of his body at you. He’s a ranged attacker, which brings a freshness and variety into how the zombie combat takes place.”
Riptide is out next year.