SOE gives it's 3-year 'Planetside 2' plan

Sony Online Entertainment has detailed its three year plan as it concerns the upcoming Planetside 2.

The studio's president John Smedley explained the plan on his blog;
We have games that have run for over 13 years, so when were making Planetside 2 we arent looking at what its like in 2012. Were thinking about a game we plan to have running in 2025.

We have a 3 year plan. Thats really big. We plan on putting that out to the users at some point in the near future. This isnt some vision we plan on imparting on our players. Its our thoughts on what we think would be cool.

We will listen to our users feedback and make changes based on that feedback. We think we have some killer ideas but our players have pretty good ones too! I want to be super clear here these are just some of the ideas. The team has a ton.
Smedley then listed the developing team's ideas for the title:

- Player owned bases: we plan on releasing continents that are empty or partially empty where players can build their own bases. These are open world bases so others will be able to attack them. Were also planning on having these continents heavily resource based with new resource types that will be very rare..and lots of cool new stuff that can be built out of these new resources.

- Harvestable resources: imagine SC II style resource harvesting with physical vehicles doing the mining or the harvesting.

- Water between continents: seamlessly this is really hard tech, but our goal is to make the whole planet seamless and allow water based vehicles.

- Lots more vehicles and weapons: just what it sounds like. Many of these will take very rare resources to make.

- NPC enemies: I dont want to call this PVE. Thats not exactly what we have in mind. More like a global invasion that goes after everybody. This isnt a bunch of quest givers saying go kill 10 rats this is bad ass aliens that want to gut you.

- NPC armies: imagine as the commander of a base sending an NPC army towards another base MOBA style except its in the middle of the Planetside 2. This isnt another game mode. Its all part of the same game.

- Esports support: we plan on doing this pretty soon after launch. We plan on making this a big big thing and putting a lot of our resources behind it.

- Weather

- Mac Version (soon after launch)

Via PCGamesN