Pixeljunk dev talks taking their talents to Steam

Developer Q Games have recently discussed why their next game, codenamed '1-6', will be coming to Steam rather than the usual PlayStation 3 release.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Q Games president Dylan Cuthbert talked why they chose to release their next game via Steam instead of the PlayStation 3, which they have a great relationship with.
“People quickly jump to the conclusion that we’re jumping ship from PSN but we’re simply a very experimental company (we even have a Facebook version of PixelJunk Monsters!”

He added, “And for the slightly different development/publication approach we wanted to try and take for 1-6 Steam seemed most appropriate. Given our history with Sony I think people are being rather hasty in thinking ‘Q is jumping ship’ or other such nonsense.”
'1-6' should be out for Steam at some point next year.