'Ghost Recon Online' gets a Halloween-themed patch

Ubisoft have rolled out a new patch for their free-to-play shooter, Ghost Recon Online, featuring some very spooktacular items.

The Halloween-themed 0.9.0 patch will include the Beginner's Playlist which will allow those less experienced players to learn the basics and build up their skills before going up against more experienced players.

The Halloween Content Pack, which is included in the patch, will feature new Halloween skins as well as different weapon statistics. The Halloween weapons will only be available in-game for a limited time.

Clans will also be rolled out with the 0.9.0 patch, however they will only be introduced in phases. You will be able to introduce your clans through Clan Tags with customizable Clan crests. The next phase of Clans will be introduced on January 16, allowing for Clan matches.

Here's a video: