Jagex opens US studio, new racer announced for Facebook

Developer Jagex have announced the opening of a new US studio as well as their new racing title for Facebook, Carnage Racing.

The new studio will be opened in California with most of the staff being made up of former Rockstar Midnight Club developers. The new game for Facebook will be releasing in November. Carnage Racing is being developed jointly with Unity and have a variety of vehicles, power ups, weapons and tracks.
“Carnage Racing is set to bring the development quality of triple-A gaming to Facebook by presenting racing fans with a truly compelling and unbeatable multiplayer racing experience,” said Rob Ollett, Jagex’s VP of third-party publishing. “With Carnage Racing, we are determined to offer a console-like experience which capitalizes on Facebook’s vast network to match player’s race after race, in what promises to be the best 3D racer on Facebook.”
Are you a Facebook gamer? If so, does this announcement excite you?