OnLive trudging on, cloud gaming still supported

OnLive's new CEO Charles Jablonski has stated that OnLive is still a "thing" and that its partners still back cloud gaming as a service.

In a recent interview with MCV, Jablonski talked about the firm's previous CEO, Steve Perlman.
“I’d never minimise both the emotions and the pain when you go through a transition like that. But our people are now focusing, they are committed to doing what we do best.

“The mood is pretty good, but it’s been an interesting few weeks with the transition of size, scope and management. It’s not the first and it certainly won’t be the last time this happens to a company.”
Perlman departed the company months ago following OnLive's emergency bankruptcy with debts reportedly totaling $40M.

OnLive's UK general manager Bruce Grove stated;
“If anything, this has caused everyone to make sure they focus. We know that we’ve got a product, so let’s make it a real business, and let’s really develop this so that it works well for everyone.”

“This time next year, you’ll have seen some shifts, some transition as the business develops. We have a road map for how soon we start with certain things, what the focus is, what we’re going to be doing, what the next 12 months will be.”
OnLive is gearing up to launch on tech manufacturer Vizio's Co-Star TV set box.
“We’ve gone back to all of our partners,” Grove continued, “going through all of those relations and making sure that we’re all ready to move forward. The reception has been very positive and very supportive. Everyone still backs the technology; everyone still backs cloud gaming so that’s just great for us.”

“With other partnerships, we’re talking to everyone. We’re back out there, we’re on the road, and we’re approaching and open to all and everyone.”
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