'Project Eternity' head talks complacency problems with Kickstarter

Chris Avellone, lead on the Project Eternity Kickstarter, has discussed publicly the dangers of getting complacent with crowd-funding.

Speaking recently with RipTen, Avellone stated that if a developer is going to go the crowd-funding route they have to see the project through.
We didnt want to jump into it half-assed, and we wanted something that felt like it belonged to everyone at the company (Planescape, for example, didnt feel that way). Why would we do that franchise when we have Tim Cain, Feargus [Urquhart], Josh [Sawyer], and I and we could create something NEW?2

So we did a lot of research, gauged the climate and our pitch, and tried to make sure we were taking the right steps and due diligence and not just leaping into the process and rolling the dice.

Our challenge ended up not being the pitch, but keeping up with the fan interest. We didnt expect it to get funded so fast, were grateful, and weve been burning the midnight oil and weekends to make sure were providing updates, info, and interviews to the press outlets talking about the game.

As for new stretch goals, we have suggestions flying through email, the ether, and our daily scrums about new ideas and content to bring to the table. More to come soon.
The Project Eternity Kickstarter has raised over $2.7M with 11 days left to go.