NCSoft drops hammer on 'City of Heroes' continuation hopes

NCSoft have crushed the dreams of thousands of City of Heroes players after a petition to save the game fell short.

The publisher said in a recent statement;
“We wanted to let you know that your voices have been heard and your concerns have been taken into serious consideration. We appreciate the overwhelmingly constructive and positive messages in the emails, notes, and packages you’ve sent in support of the game."

“It has not been an easy decision for us to close Paragon Studios and prepare to shut down City of Heroes. We’ve exhausted all options including the selling of the studio and the rights to the City of Heroes intellectual property, but in the end, efforts to do so were not successful. City of Heroes has a special place in all of our hearts, and we want to ensure its reputation and the memories we share for the game end on a high note.”
The servers are set to shut down on the game on November 30.

Via Massively