'Star Wars: The Old Republic' Update 1.4 goes live

BioWare have released the Star Wars: The Old Republic update 1.4 titled "Terror from Beyond". Here's what major features the update will contain:

- Operation: Terror From Beyond will take you to the remote world of Asation where the mysterious Sith Lords known as the Dread Masters have found a way to unlock the ancient Gree Hypergate, opening a door to an unknown place and an unspeakable horror that now threatens the entire galaxy. It will be your mission to close the portal before it’s too late and to destroy whatever gets through.

- New Weapons and Armor to upgrade your characters’ effectiveness and appearance with the Legendary Dread Guard gear.

- Improved Group Finder lets you join a group for an Operation or Flashpoint and return to your previous location when you’ve completed the mission.

- Unify Colors for Companions allows you to select an option to match all your companion’s gear to his or her chest piece for a more stylish look.

- New ‘Facial Expression’ Emotes is a new set of slash commands that allow you to set your character’s expression. Let the rest of the galaxy know how you really feel.

You can get the full patch notes list here.