'Black Ops II' Zombies mode revealed

Activision and Treyarch have finally revealed the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Zombies mode.

If you happened to pre-order the game's Hardened Edition or Care Package will receive the exclusive Nuketown Zombies map.

Here's what will be included in the Zombies mode:

- Tranzit which will include a “big, giant, expansive world, significantly bigger than anything [Treyarch has] ever created,” for solo up to four-players in co-op.

- Survival which sees players being attacked in a single area in the Tranzit world. Players will hold off zombies in a safe area and go out into the throng to nab bonuses scattered throughout the environment. Survival areas will be similar to dedicated maps with access to multiple areas designed to play as a standalone section in solo or as a four-player co-op session.

- Grief is a new mode for up to eight players which combines Survival with competitive elements. Two teams of four players are tossed into the world of Tranzit and will have to outlive the other team. Players cannot kill each other but they can put the other team in unfavorable situations. Think of it as Humans vs. Humans vs. Zombies.

The Zombies mode will also allow you to:

- Stat tracking – Allows you how many undead kills you have made.

- Leaderboards – These will be available for each zombie mode and some rankings will be based on maps.

- Improved Matchmaking – Will match players faster than in the past and Treyarch said the system will match players with similar skills in the zombies mode.

- Custom Games – It will allow you to create custom games of the modes and allow for setting a starting round with players given points at the start which coincide with the round choice. Players can purchase weapons, set challenges such as Headshots Only, turn magic items off or allow for no use of Pack-a-Punch.

Black Ops II is out in November.