Gambitious - new crowdfunding site focused on gaming

Gambitious is a new crowdfunding site - in the light of Kickstarter - that will give video game developers an exclusive platform to fund their games.

In a recent interview with, Gambitious CEO Paul Hanraets stated;
“Crowdfunding is causing a great seismic shift in how projects get funded, however, there are risks of crash-and-burn due to unfulfilled projects and unfinished games.”

Hanraets added, “Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, Gambitious is designed specifically for the video game industry and ups the ante of developer credibility, investor engagement and development cycle understanding.”
Gambitious works largely like Kickstarter, the developer - once the project is funded - will get to retain the project's IP and the company will have to submit business plans when registering the idea for the project.

Gambitious is a relatively good idea, but it will be interesting to see if it works out.

You can check out the site here.