Arkane: "express your creativity" while playing 'Dishonored'

Dishonored developers Arkane Studios want you to be creative while playing the upcoming stealth-action title.

In a recent interview with AusGamers, the game's executive producer Julien Roby stated that the development team wanted to make a game where choices mattered and the player had the freedom of options while playing.
“I can understand people may have some reserve on the final game,” Roby said, “given that we are definitely trying to push the game very far in terms of player choices and the various ways you can play it.”

“This is definitely a very hard goal to reach,” he added, “but we knew that from day one – this was the kind of game we wanted to make. So we forged all our production around that. We’ve worked super hard to make sure each of the game missions will deliver the same kind of depth and options people have seen from the hands-on sessions so far.”
Roby did say that giving gamers so many choices in-game has been a difficult process, but one that he thinks will pay off.
“It’s been more than three years at developing game systems that work as a true simulation (as opposed to pre-defined scripted events) to make sure the game can almost “live” on its own and let players experiment as much as they want.”

“Every single decision we’ve made on the project was based around some simple but big ideas: “Say Yes to the Player” and ‘Let the Player express His Creativity and Playstyle’ We’ve spent ton of time on playtesting the game with external people to make sure the game [is] working fine and [is] well balanced around those goals.”

“At this point, we’re very happy with how things are shaping up for the final version of the game. We really hope players around the world are going to like it.”
Dishonored is out on October 9 in the US and October 12 in Europe.