DmC PC runs at 60FPS

Capcom has revealed that the PC version of their upcoming reboot, DmC, will run at 60FPS.

The PC version of the game is being launched after its console counterparts mainly due to the graphical upgrades. Polish developers QLOC are handling dev duties on the port.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Capcom's Alex Jones also revealed that character Vergil won't be playable.
“I want to be definitive. He’s not playable in the game. I don’t want to be coy about that and have people think they’re getting one thing when they’re getting another.”
Jones then commented on the PC version's unconfirmed release date;
“I can’t give you a day and date. What I can say we’re endeavouring to get it out as shortly after the main game as possible so there’s as little a gap between those two as we can reasonably get.”

Jones added, “Because it’s being developed out of house by a different developer from Ninja Theory there are logistical things involved. But the plan is to get it out shortly after the ship date for the console version.”
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