'Lost Planet 3' will have only one playable mech in single player

According to Capcom, the upcoming action-shooter title Lost Planet 3 will have only one playable mech vehicle in the game's single player.

In a recent interview with VG247, the game's producer and project lead Andrew Szymanski said the main reason that there aren't more mechs is because Lost Planet 3 is a more personal affair than titles past.
“As the Lost Planet 3 mech – the Utility Rig – is designed as a piece of construction equipment, used to help build and maintain the colony,” Szymanski explained, “That’s exactly what Jim has been sent to the planet to do, and initially Jim – and the player – will be using it for that purpose.”

“Soon after arriving, however, Jim and the player will need to improvise to use the tools on the Rig to fight attacking Akrid. One of the key features of Lost Planet 3 is the dichotomy between being out of the Rig – in which Jim uses standard firearms – and inside of it – where Jim must use its construction tools to defeat enemies in melee combat.”

“We like that this turns standard convention on its head,” Szymanski added, “Also, crushing giant insects with a massive drill never gets old.”
According to Szymanski, having only one vehicle throughout the entire game gives the player a sense of ownership of the mech, allowing for a more personalized feel.
“For the single-player campaign, Jim – and the player – will only be using one Rig. This is important as that Rig is Jim’s personal property and it factors in very heavily to the narrative. That is not to say that other mechs won’t appear piloted by other characters, however.”

“In terms of handling,” Szymanski added, “the Rig is deliberately designed to be a huge, lumbering, tough, durable piece of machinery that is built to take the harsh conditions of the planet and keep on going and thus its abilities, upgrades, and attachments all keep that in mind.”

“So far we’ve shown the Claw Arm on the left side of the Rig that can be upgraded with a Winch to allow the claw to be shot out like a projectile, as well as the Drill Arm on the right side of the Rig that is, of course, used to destroy chunks of ice as well as fight Akrid. There are many more upgrades and attachments to be discovered,” Szymanski concluded.
Lost Planet 3 is out in 2013.