Wii U gets Japanese price, release date

Nintendo have announced a set of prices and a release date for their next home video game console in Japan, the Wii U.

The console will be launching in the country on December 8 and will come in two different models; a "premium" set and a "basic" set.

The "premium" set will come with 32GB of flash memory while the "basic" set will only come with 8GB of flash memory. The "premium" bundle will set you back ¥31,500 while the "basic" set will cost ¥26,250. That would turn out to be a tad bit over $450 USD, but don't go thinking Nintendo's going to steal your money like that.

A stand alone Wii U Gamepad will cost Japanese gamers 13,440 yen, which turns out to be a share over $150 USD. Once again, you really shouldn't correlate the two just yet.

The "basic" set will come with a white Wii U console, a white Gamepad controller, an AC adapter, and one HDMI cable. The "premium" set will come with a black Wii U console, a black Gamepad controller, an AC adapter, a HDMI cable, a Gameplad dock, a console stand, and a two-year Nintendo Network Premium subscription runs through December 2014. A Nintendo Network Premium sub offers $.10 off every purchase.

We're going to get US and Europe pricing and release dates today at 10:00am EST.

Stay tuned!