'Final Fantasy XIV' to be free while SE debuts 'A Realm Reborn'

Square Enix will be making Final Fantasy XIV free-to-play while the developer rolls out their massive overhaul, A Realm Reborn.

The blog Lodestone has gathered that Square Enix will be stopping all billing for Final Fantasy XIV subscriptions at 11:59pm PDT on September 29.

However, once the billing stoppage occurs you will no longer be able to register new accounts or redeem any codes. Bonuses for FFXI and FFXIV subscriptions will also cease.

Current subscribers will be able to play for free until November 11 but all character progress will halt on November 1.

A Realm Reborn is not yet dated by Square Enix but you can guess that it won't be long after FFXIV shuts down.

Via Massively