'Arma 3' developers arrested on Greek island for "spying"

Bohemia Interactive developers working on Arma 3 have been arrested on the Greek island of Lemnos for "spying" on military bases.

According to this PC Gamer report the developers were arrested on the island while conducting "research" for their upcoming title, Arma 3. It should be noted that the game does take place on the island of Lemnos, so its not far fetched that they were infact, conducting research. The two individuals, reported by Eurogamer, to be ages 28 and 33 years old were arrested by the Greek military and charged with espionage for taking photographs of the military facilities.

Bohemia Interactive CEO Marek Spanel has confirmed the arrests on the studio's site. If convicted of the crimes, the two individuals could face up to 20 years in prison.

We'll keep you updated on this one for sure!