Gamers upset over 'City of Heroes' dev closing down

Players have gathered nearly 14000 signatures on an online petition grieving the closure of Paragon Studios.

NCSoft chose to close the City of Heroes developer earlier this week for unknown reasons and gamers aren't happy about it. There is a planned in-game protest on this Saturday, September 8, at 5pm EDT in Atlas Park on the Virtue server. So if you're not happy and want to stick it to the Man, make your voice heard this weekend!

The organizer of the in-game protest, TonyV, has stated that he “10 instances of Atlas Park going, and so many people camping City Hall that you can’t even see the stairs.” However, TonyV doesn't want you going out of your way to use this opportunity to single out anyone from Paragon or NCSoft; “The one thing I ask is please don’t be mean, and don’t use this as an opportunity to grind an ax you have,” TonyV writes. “Let’s keep it fun and lighthearted.”

Let it be heard, let it be heard! Hell no, we won't go!

Via PCgamer