'Football Manager 2013' announced

SEGA and Sports Interactive have announced this year's version of their popular sim title Football Manager 2013.

One of the game's newest features will be the Classic mode, or labeled as "FMC" in its press release, which will allow the player to focus more on winning rather than the nuances and responsibilities of building a team. The developer states that the player, in Classic mode, will be able to complete a season in 8-10 hours.

Another new feature in this year's version of the game is the Challenge mode, which was featured on the smartphone version of last year's title. You'll be able to complete up to five challenges in a season, such as; completing achievements, escaping regulation, among others. There will also be periodic downloadable challenges as well.

The game will also use Steam's network functionality, leaderboards, and a new UI to be able to be more competitive. The game will be available for the PC and Mac before Christmas.