'Primal Carnage' gets two new classes

Bastion have announced two new classes for their upcoming shooter title, Primal Carnage, with the Raptor class and the Trapper class.

The announcement came via press release detailing the two classes:

Raptor Class

Be the ultimate hunter with speed and agility as you hunt through the jungles but be wary of how close you get to your enemies as the Raptor can't take too much damage.

Trapper Class

A human based class specifically designed to take the dinosaur's mobility away with their Netgun and other weapons. The Trapper also has the ability to dual-wield pistols but can get overwhelmed rather quickly, its best that the Trapper be used in support of other Mercenaries.

Here's a gameplay video for your viewing pleasure:

Primal Carnage is out later this fall.