'Tomb Raider' will serve up "iconic" moments for fans

According to Tomb Raider global brand manager Karl Stewart, the upcoming reboot will serve up some "iconic" moments that fans will always remember.

Speaking with GamingLives, Stewart stated;
的t痴 very important to us that throughout the game there痴 these iconic moments that you値l remember for the rest of the franchise."

的t痴 very important to us that you finish and you go 選知 going to remember that for the next game and the next game and the next game. It痴 like the moment that Batman got his mask, or James Bond got his first martini; there痴 things that you want to come to the fray and say 選 remember those moments, they池e iconic.樗
Stewart also commented on how the game will explore how Lara Croft goes from being a stranded girl to action adventuress within a matter of hours.
展e don稚 want Lara to become a cold-blooded killer and just go around firing bows at everybody, but you also want to realise that she痴 nearly been killed, and she痴 been forced to have to kill somebody in a totally uncomfortable situation, he said.

典wo of her friends have been kidnapped, you find out pretty quickly that it may have been Lara痴 fault that they池e there in the first place, so you maybe realise that your motivation is to save your friends. Then you have the island and the mystery and you want to get off and these guys who are trying to kill you, and you feel like, I知 not going to stop and talk to them, they池e out to kill me, so everything has to be motivated.

添ou can稚 just kind of go in and say 双kay, she痴 a cold-blooded killer so those situations, whether it be her first kill or others, heighten the sense of continuing to know why she痴 doing what she痴 doing, and at no point do you feel like she痴 just a cold-blooded killer.
Tomb Raider is out early 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.