XSEED: 'Core gamers follow the games, not the platforms'

In a recent interview XSEED's Ken Berry stated that core gamers will follow the games, and not the platforms they are played on.

Speaking with, The Last Story developer said;
“We definitely feel that the core gamers that play RPGs are the most likely to follow the best games regardless of the system, so hopefully that will hold true for The Last Story’s release on Wii."

“I know some people have started counting out the Wii already, but hopefully this release will show that there is still a lot of impressive things that hardware can do when the right game is running on it.”
The Last Story originally launched in Japan back in 2011 and has been out in Europe for a couple of months. The game hits the US this week with XSEED hoping to change some minds as far as the Wii goes.