Famitsu Hints at 'Dragon's Dogma' Sequel

According to some hints laid down by the Japanese video games magazine Famitsu, Capcom is gearing up to announced a Dragon's Dogma sequel.

Here are some highlights to the article:

- Yosuke Hayashi said there was a “variety of movements being made with the Ninja Gaiden series,” and Team Ninja is working on making the skin in the Dead or Alive 5 girls appear “soft.”

- Tecmo Koei’s Kenichi Ogasawara said he would like to create another Musou pillar for Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors along with an open world Warriors title.

- Square’s Naoki Yoshida wants to put Final Fantasy VII’s Golden Saucer in Final Fantasy XIV if possible; and Sony’s Keiichiro Toyama wants to create a sequel to Gravity Rush/Daze as well as create a hack and slash game.

- Capcom’s Hideaki Itsuno wants to create a sequel to Dragon’s Dogma, because the world is just two-thirds of what he had in mind, and there is still plenty he would have liked to have included in the game.

- Toshihiro Nagoshi said the Yakuza developers are interested in creating online games, but something more than just Yakuza Online, said the SEGA man.

We'll keep you posted on any further news.

Via Andriasang