Rumor: 'Ryse' To Have Multiplayer

According to a resume of a staffer at Ruffian Games working on the upcoming Kinect title Ryse, the game will feature multiplayer.

The resume makes mention that the studio has been contracted-out to handled developing duties for the multiplayer faction of the Crytek developed Kinect title. The document makes mention of “a multiplayer map for a first person, melee combat game based on the CryEngine”.

The sleuths over at Superannunation (via Kotaku) found that the resume states the game as “a first party CryTek project which [Ruffian] were contracted onto". Ruffian Games is said to be working on “melee combat [with] AI capable of evaluating dynamic combat situations and working as part of a team.”

That same resume also mentions an unannounced "third-party project using CryEngine 3" which “makes extensive use of the Xbox Live server platform and Kinect.”

Neither Microsoft nor Crytek have made any mention of Ryse being exclusively single player or multiplayer, so it is feasible to believe that the game will contain both.

We'll keep you posted.