E3 2012: 'Star Wars 1313' To Be More Down-To-Earth, Less Jedi

LucasArts revealed their next big IP at E3 as "Star Wars 1313" and the first impressions of the game are that it's not your typical Jedi affair.

Speaking with Kotaku at E3 the game's creative director Dominic Robillard stated that the development team at LucasArts is going in a different direction with this Star Wars title.
“It’s not that I think that that’s overdone, but the criminal underworld of 1313 is a little more grounded and that has to live in the mechanics of the game,” he said.

“Having mechanics that are limited by human ability makes things more relatable, then we can put all the cool stuff you can do into the gadgets and weapons.

“You still get to do all of these amazing things because of the environment the game takes place in and because of the gear you have, but at the core you still have these vulnerabilities that are a bit more relatable, so you won’t have the demigod complex of a Jedi.”
Very little was revealed for the game including a release date or specific platforms.