Rumor: PSOne & PS2 Games Coming To PS3 Via Gaikai Deal

According to a rather juicy rumor today, Sony is set to bring a boat load of PSOne and PS2 titles to the PS3 via a streaming deal with Gaikai.

The rumor comes from a article that states the service will bring Sony first party titles to the console via their streaming capabilities and allow third party developers to bring their old titles as well.

Gaikai's service already carries numerous titles from Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Capcom, and others but only for the PC. This deal is likely to be announced at E3 next week during Sony's press conference on Monday, June 4.

The only time the PlayStation 3 was backwards compatible was when the console was first launched and sported an 80GB hard drive but quickly dropped the support when the PS3 Slim was announced.

You are already able to purchase select PSOne titles through the PlayStation Store.

We'll keep you updated.