Game Informer Reveals New Gears Of War Game

Next month's cover of Game Informer magazine has revealed a brand new Gears of War title.

The magazine revealed its cover for the July issue with a dark figure being escorted, I presume, to prison in handcuffs. Early speculation is that the new Gears of War title will be a prequel to the original trilogy and document how Marcus Fenix got to prison in the first place (as you may recall the first game starts out with Fenix busting out of prison).

Game Informer is holding off on releasing any further info about the game until after Monday, June 4, when Microsoft is going to lift the full lid off the new game at their E3 press conference.

There have been past rumors that Epic Games owned developer People Can Fly have been working on a Gears of War spin-off trilogy.

So many questions!

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