Nomura: FFVII Remake Not Square Enix' Top Priority

Final Fantasy VII character designer Tetsuya Nomura has officially gone on record, dashing gamers hopes everywhere, stating that Square Enix' top priorities do not include a FFVII remake.

Speaking to Japanese video games magazine Famitsu in a FFVII anniversary issue, Nomura acknowledged fans clamoring for a remake but stated that Square Enix is focused on making new games that can actually live up to Final Fantasy VII instead of simply remaking the game to capture its former glory.

Newsflash Nomura, there is no RPG out there that can live up to FFVII.

Nomura did throw fans a bone however stating that FFVII character Yuffie was originally planned as a face-changing wanted criminal and would change her appearance based on the most recent wanted poster you had encountered.

I've basically resigned myself to realizing that we're likely never going to get a FFVII remake. Bumsville for sure.

Via Andriasang