Blizzard Defends Diablo III Lore, Did Not "Dumb It Down"

Lead technical artist on Diablo III, Julian Love, has defended accusations that the developer - Blizzard - "dumbing downed" the game so new-comers to the franchise would find it easier to get into.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Love stated that a lot of the accusations came from beta testing before the game's release today.
“I definitely don’t see it as dumbing down."

“One of the disadvantages beta testers have is they only see the early portion of the game.

“That’s the portion of the game that really does need to be simple and approachable in order to live up to our mantra of easy to learn and difficult to master.

“You only get that experience in the beta, and that’s the place where we’re really trying to get it to be as dead simple and approachable as we possibly can.”
Love also stated;
“it’s not that we’re dumbing the systems down, so much as we’re changing the balance of when systems are introduced and how much information is thrown at the user.

“A lot of those things are just re-prioritised to flow into the proper portion of the game, where you’ve already gotten used to the early systems and early combat, and now you’re ready for more. That’s a big part of the process of just getting it to ramp up properly.”
Diablo III is out now for the PC.