Diablo III Has More Voice Actors Than Any Other Blizzard Title

Blizzard have confirmed that their upcoming RPG Diablo III has more voice actors in it than any other title they've done before.

Diablo III director Jay Wilson stated in a recent interview with MCV;
I dont know the exact length of the final script, but its definitely got more voicework than any game Blizzard has ever made. By a lot."

I know that at one point we were talking to a well-known famous actor to play one of the characters and we decided not to because the number of lines was something like 25,000, Wilson revealed.

And the cost per session was reasonable, but the number of sessions we needed to do was kind of outrageous.
While Blizzard thought about bringing in some established voice actors for smaller roles, it almost didn't seem worth it.
With a role like that, can we really justify getting a well-paid famous person acting in that role? the director said.
Diablo III is out next week for the PC.