Treyarch: Black Ops 2 Future Setting Planned From The Beginning

Now that Black Ops 2 has been unveiled, Treyarch has stated that the game's futuristic setting has been planned from the very beginning.

The developer's studio headman Mark Lamia stated in a recent OPM UK interview;
“From the very beginning, going to the near-future was on the table for us."

“We really wanted to do something fresh and exciting and new and create this epic fiction. Black Ops doesn’t talk about a timeframe, Black Ops is about what you’re doing.

“It’s about being in black ops and these deniable operations and I think the dark mystery we presented in Black Ops comes through dramatically in the characters, the story, the setting, it’s more about that than any particular timeframe.”
Lamia stated that timelines of the first and second Cold Wars were designed to showcase the game's villain, Raul Menedez.
“To do that, we wanted to be able to tell a story that required part of it take place in that first Cold War era in the 80s, not about 20 years after the end of Black Ops 1 where we learn about that villain’s motivations.

“And it isn’t until we get to this later point in time about a decade out or so from now where technology has advanced at such a rapid pace and has been incorporated into our technologies and our military infrastructure to the point where our villain is able to turn our greatest strength into our greatest weakness.”
Black Ops 2 is out on November 13, 2012.