Game Of Thrones RPG Similar To HBO Series Thanks To "Faithful Adaptation"

Cyanide, developer of the upcoming Game of Thrones RPG, has gone on record stating that you will notice favorable comparisons between the game and the HBO series of the same name thanks to "faithful adaptation".

In a recent interview with Xbox360Achievements, the game's lead designer Sylvain Sechi said that he had no problem using the HBO series as a reference point for the RPG because of the source material.
“Since we’re very faithful to the books and the show is very faithful, every media blends into that one universe,” he explained.

“It’s not like the books have a very different vision of the universe to the game or the TV show. We don’t have three different visions of something. We’re all very close in terms of respect towards the universe of A Song of Ice and Fire, so it was more a question of what stuff we should take from the TV show to put into the game and what are the things we shouldn’t do.”
Sechi gave an example of the throne room in King's Landing, he states that the two rooms aren't identical (from the game to the TV show) but there are similarities thanks to creator George RR Martin's descriptions. You will notice however that the Iron Throne is the same.

Sechi went on to say that the game drew inspirations from the television series because of the visual elements that the two factions - Cyanide & HBO - shared.
“Top of the list was the characters, because Game of Thrones is more about characters than places,” Sechi noted.

“The characters are the heroes, their House is part of that hero and the likenesses of the characters and the sigils are important. We got the actors and their voices, as we felt that was important.”
Game of Thrones is out on May 15 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Via EvilAvatar