Rumor: Marvel To Purchase THQ

According to growing speculation over THQ's financial woes, a new rumor has popped up concerning Marvel's apparent interest in purchasing the struggling publisher.

What makes "rumor" even weirder is that Marvel was recently purchased in its entirety by the Disney Corporation, in which Disney Interactive is their video game developer. Talk about changing the game. According to the site Bleeding Cool has pieced together detective style some recent comments made by all parties that would be involved. SEGA recently lost their licenses to publish Marvel titles and now Marvel is looking for a new publisher to produce those titles. THQ recently cancelled a planned and semi-developed Avengers title that would have been a tie-in game to the movie that is releasing in a couple of weeks. Connect the dots.

Now that THQ is valued at under $50 million it would make all the sense in the world for Marvel to acquire THQ and make them an in-house developer. Disney's backing, and more importantly, their money would make purchasing THQ a cake walk. Marvel already has their own production company to produce Marvel movies, so why would they not go ahead and create their own video games studio. Afterall, Marvel has grown so substantially that they've had at least two movies released every summer for the past 4 years.

If you ask me, this is a match made in heaven.