Pachter: PS4 Should Not Block Used Games

In regards to recent rumors that claim Sony is building the PlayStation 4 and that the next-gen console will block all access to used games, a well known video games analyst has claimed that's not a very good idea.

And water is wet.

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter recently went on record saying that Sony would be utterly mindless if they blocked access to used games with their next PlayStation home video game console. In an interview with Pachter said;
“It isn’t really in Sony’s or Microsoft’s best interests to block used games,” he said.

“It would benefit Activision and EA slightly, and would hurt GameStop a great deal. If Sony unilaterally did this, I could see GameStop refusing to carry their console, and sales of the PS4 would therefore suffer.”
Pachter did bring up an interesting point by stating that if Sony did block used games they would have to make sure that Microsoft and Nintendo's next consoles did the same.
“If one does it and the others don’t, the one who does it will see a loss of market share,” he said.
Pachter has his doubts that that will ever happen though, saying he doesn't think the three companies are “evil enough to do it together”.

The most recent PS4 news we have is that the console has the codename Orbis.