Civilization V: Gods & Kings Expansion Pack Announced

2K have announced Civilization V: Gods & Kings Expansion Pack for release later this spring.

The expansion is being developed by Fireaxis with new gameplay that will allow players to create a Pantheon of the Gods and subsequently spread organized religion to their civilizations.

The pack will also include new city-states - Mercantile and Religious. It will also come with new systems for land and sea combat. Nine new civilizations will be added as a result; nine new wonders; three original scenarios; more new units; buildings; technologies; and resources.

The new civilizations include: Carthage, the Netherlands, the Celts, and the Mayans. William I, Prince of Orange, Boudicca, and Pacal and just a few of the game's new leaders.

The new scenarios will include the Fall of Rome, Empires of the Smoky Skies, and a Victorian sci-fi scenario. The sea combat pieces have now been split into two groups; melee and ranged.

Sounds like fun!