Experiencing Problems With SW:ToR? It's Probably Your Crap Ass PC

BioWare has issued a statement regarding a small percentage of Star Wars: The Old Republic players having problems. Yep, as you guessed it, it's that crappy PC you've been using.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer SW:ToR's director James Ohlen stated that most of the problems that his development team has run into with the game have been from bugs. If you're experiencing "black screens" or dropped frame rates it's more than likely a PC issue.
“For the most part, 95 percent – oh I can’t give you the exact percentage – most of our players aren’t really having performance concerns,” siad Ohlen. “However, we know that it’s important that there is a smaller group of people usually with lower-end machines that are having problems in some areas.

“One of the most important [ways] for us to grow our service is to continue to bring in more players, including those players who only have low-end machines. So we have a client team, a team of programmers, whose entire job is to optimize the code, find out where some of the issues are, and then fix that up.

“Most of the performance issues are localized though. They’re things that we can track down. I would call them bugs.”
BioWare is hard at work on more patches and future fixes.