Star Wars: The Old Republic Patches To Be A Weekly Thing

BioWare has announced that they will be releasing patches for their recently release MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic "almost every week".

In a post on the game's official forums James Ohlen stated that the patches will fix bugs and exploits found.
“They are reviewed by senior leadership on a daily basis. Bug fixes usually take longer than a week to get into the game because we need to fix the issue and then test the fix. Some bugs take longer than that because of the complexity of the issue,” he said.

“There are issues that we will fix immediately. These are rare and not every issue can be fixed in this manner. We usually reserve these ‘emergency fixes’ for bugs that are stopping players from playing the game or to exploits that could unbalance the entire game if not corrected.”
Ohlen also stated future game content will also be coming via patches in the future.

You can look here to see what the latest patch contained.