The Old Republic Will Never End, Says BioWare

It's Christmas time and you know what that means...Star Wars: The Old Republic! To celebrate BioWare has released a new video showing some behind the scenes making of.
“Unlike a lot of other game companies that, once they launch a game, downsize their teams radically, our plan is to keep the team together and continue to focus on building content,” said Star Wars: The Old Republic Creative Director James Ohlen.

“There’s no secret project currently being done in the Austin studio,” he said. “We’re very much focused on Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars for the foreseeable future.”

“It’s hard to say right now what we may or may not do as far as future projects,” said Bioware co-founder Greg Zeschuk. “We’re really busy working on future SWTOR content as well as continuing to improve the service. This will never end.”
You can watch the video through here.

Launch trailer below: