EverQuest II Going Free To Play Next Month

Sony Online Entertainment have announced that their long running MMORPG, EverQuest II will be going free-to-play starting next month.

The game, which launched back in 2004, will now be free to sign-up but if you so choose there will once again be different subscription models to pick from. The Bronze model will be the free model, Silver will be available with a $5 upgrade, and Gold will cost you $15 per month.

If you'd like to purchase expansion packs and adventure packs will also be available but those will cost you money. The in-game store will be consolidated however with some items not returning for the F2P model.

If you happened to pre-pay your subscription you will receive a full refund, well enough to cover the difference in subscriptions.

We'll keep you updated on an actual relaunch date.

Via Massively