DICE & EA Working "Around The Clock" On Battlefield 3 Support

Both Electronic Arts and DICE are said to be working "around the clock" on the recently released war-time shooter Battlefield 3's support.

If you haven't heard, Battlefield 3 has been plagued with server issues since it was launched last week. DICE’s Karl Magnus Troedsson stated on the Battlefield Blog;
“The DICE team, as well as the many EA groups that support this historic launch, have all been working around the clock."

“We’ve deployed a number of server-side updates in our first week that have solved a number of the primary connectivity challenges, and have accelerated our rollout of the number of Hardcore servers.”
Troedsson did state that "millions" of gamers are enjoying the game with no issues, only "some" are still having problems. DICE is working on five areas of the game; quick matches, squad joining, anti-cheat measures, server maintenance, and Origin authentication.

Origin authentication has been a pretty big issue with PC gamers who feel that EA is imposing on their gaming platform.
“While the authentication issues have been fixed, we have increased our customer support services exponentially to ensure a smooth experience going forward,” Troedsson wrote.

“We have dedicated support staff for you.”
It really is a good game, just some bugs to work out.

Via ShackNews