Bethesda Has Fallout MMO Injunction Appeal Rejected

Bethesda's latest legal power play against Interplay in the war for the Fallout MMO has been rejected.

A judge ruled recently that an injunction filed by Bethesda against Interplay failed to show "irreparable harm" had been done to Bethesda over the Fallout MMO title. Bethesda then turned to the United States District Court of Appeals stating that the court had "misapplied the law" but were rejected the same.

Bethesda has relied on providing the court with Interplay's porous financial statements as "irreparable harm" that could be had if the game was released under the Fallout brand.

So as it stands right now, Interplay can continue work on the game but Bethesda still holds the publishing rights.

Convoluted mess.

Via Joystiq