BioShock: Infinite's In-Game Politics Influenced By Real World Situations

Irrational Games' bossman Ken Levine has stated that their upcoming title, BioShock: Infinite, has a political-driven plot that was inspired by real-world problems.

Speaking with Complex at New York's Comic Con, Levine stated;
“We started the game thinking about the city and the nationalistic, patriotic, religious components of the city. A lot of people said ‘oh, you’re copying the Tea Party,’” he said.

“And in a way we were copying the Tea Party, in that the Tea Party is another expression of a movement that’s happened over and over again in American and European and every kind of history.

“The opposing group, the Vox Populi – the much more leftist, populist group – shortly after we introduced that to the world you see the Occupy Wall Street movement.

“The reason that happens is because these movements happen over and over again. Quite often they happen as reactions to each other.”
BioShock: Infinite is out next year for the PS3, 360, and PC.