Rumor: EA & Valve Hugging It Out Before BF3 Releases

All the bickering between EA and Valve over whether or not Battlefield 3 will be appearing on the PC video game service Steam, appears to be coming to an end.

Rumors circulating are that the two sides are trying to resolve their differences before arguably EA's biggest video game ever, Battlefield 3, launches at the end of the month. Doing so would enable Steam, owned by Valve, to offer up the game on their PC service, which would undoubtedly make both sides very happy.

Reports are coming in from sources within Valve that say that if all goes according to plan you're going to see the game on the service when it launches on October 25.

The two sides are apparently working on an agreement on DLC sales, which was one of the main sticking points on why an agreement has not already been struck. As a sign of defiance and perhaps a sign that EA didn't need Steam's services to make money, the publisher pulled a large amount of their bigger named titles from the service.

EA has since come up with their own PC gaming service called "Origin". EA has already come out and said that Origin and Steam would not be competing with each other...mainly because Origin has those big name EA titles that Steam no longer has. Duh.

We'll keep you updated on this one.

Via GameFront