Human Head: PC Version Of Prey 2 Could Be Enhanced

According to Human Head boss man Chris Rhinehart, their upcoming sequel, Prey 2, could see its PC counterpart a bit more "enhanced" than the console versions.

Speaking with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Rhinehart stated;
“We are looking into anything special we can do for PC users."

“No announcements yet as to what that may or may not be, but we are looking into different ways that we can enhance the PC side.”
Rhinehart also reaffirmed that all three versions of the game - PS3, 360, and PC - would be releasing at the same time.

Rhinehart then touched on the game's setting, Exodus - a planet that has one side facing the sun while the other side is an icy landscape.
“The reason we do that is to offer variety, breaking up where the player goes but it’s not a case of being here, then here, then here; the narrative weaves through all those levels,” he said.

“So I go to the bright side and then I’ll come back to the Bowery, based on the narrative. But just because you leave the Bowery, that doesn’t mean you can’t come back to the Bowery at any point. It’s not a case of leaving an area and then being locked out of it. If you want to go back and explore, you can totally do that as well.”
Prey 2 is set to release next year.