2K Talks Going All Out For The Darkness II

Seth Olshfski. 2K's producer, recently stated that The Darkness II would focus on action and gore and would actually stand apart from the first game.

In an interview with Destructoid Olshfski stated;
“It was a little bit more ‘fuck it, we’re gonna go all out,’” he said.

“If you look at the first game, you gain more and more and more powers, and then when you get to the end of the game there’s this cinematic sequence where your demon arms start slashing people to bits and picking people up and throwing them around – absolutely wreaking havoc.

“That was sort of the inspiration for the second game, we were like ‘hey, I wanna be able to do that with my own controls. I wanna be able to make the demon arms do those things.’

“And Jackie is so powerful. He’s earned that action. It makes a lot of sense for it to be that active because he’s learned how to use his powers.”
The Darkness II is out next year for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.