Football Manager 2012 Has Been Announced

SEGA has officially announced Football Manager 2012 for release "before Christmas".

Sports Interactive will be developing once again and the title will be exclusive to the PC. Some new features have been added to the game, such as Loyalty Bonuses for the transfer contracts. Amateur and youth contracts have been upgraded. Also added was the ability to lock variables into negotiations where when a negotiation gets to a certain point the sim goes no further in discussions.

In-game reports will be provided by scouts and will take into account all aspects of the opponents game, making you the most prepared you can be for an upcoming match.

3D match has also been upgraded with new visuals and mechanics. Better weather effects, more stadiums, and two new camera angles; Behind Goal and Director Cam.

A new layout system will adapt to higher resolution outputs, new filters, customizable columns, an overview screen, and more.

The game will also come with a brand new tutorial for newcomers.