Firefall Beta Invites Going Out This Month

Red 5 boss man Mark Kern has said that the firm's upcoming game Firefall will have a beta period and that invites for the beta will begin being sent out later this month.

Kern made the announcement in an open letter on the game's website.
“We already consider ourselves ‘launched’. We will not have a traditional beta, open beta, launch process,” he explained.

“We no longer feel this makes sense in a modern, online, service oriented business, especially a free2play game. Instead, we have modeled our launch after G-mail’s invite system.

“The way this works is that we bring testers and content up in layers. As each layer proves itself out, we give our testers invite slots, which they are free to send to their fellow gamers. It’s a great way to grow the game through people’s social networks, which is what we want for our team and clan oriented game.”
Firefall has been in closed beta for a while now. Apparently the beta invites will be sent out after the game is shown off at PAX later this month.

Go here to register for an account so you can be eligible for the beta, it will also be the same account you'll use when the official game launches.

Firefall is expected to launch in December.

Via EvilAvatar