BioWare Announces Some SW:TOR Pre-Order Bonuses

EA and BioWare have gone ahead and announced some pre-order bonuses for their upcoming MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The EA website lists the following:

Standard Edition
- Game
- 30 days of game time

Digital Deluxe Edition
- Flare gun
- Training droid
- Holodancer
- Holocam
- STAP (single trooper aerial platform)

Collector's Edition
- The Journal of Master Gnost-Dural – 111 pages of notes and sketches by the revered Jedi Master from the early years of the Great Hyperspace War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Features never-before-seen artwork and all-new information.
- Darth Malgus statue – The villainous Darth Malgus comes to life with this exclusive 9 in. collectible statue from Gentle Giant studios.
- The Old Republic Galaxy Map – 14 x 20 in. at-a-glance look at the known galaxy.
- Security Authentication Key Fob – Keep your Lightsaber and credits safe with this custom Security Authentication Key Fob for your game account.
- Music of Star Wars – The Old Republic CD: Seventeen orchestral music tracks from The Old Republic.
- Star Wars: The Old Republic game – The full Star Wars: The Old Republic game on DVD-ROM in a collectible metal case.
- Exclusive Mouse Droid – A faithful droid to join you on your adventures [Virtual]
- Exclusive Collector’s Edition Store – Unique in-game store with a dynamic array of items to assist you from your humble beginnings through your journey to become a galactic legend. [Virtual]

We're quite positive that BioWare and EA will be announcing a release date this coming weekend at Comic-Con, pre-order bonus announcements and release dates generally go hand-in-hand.

We'll keep you updated.