Rumor: Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector's Edition To Be The Best Thing Ever

According to a promo poster spotted in the wild the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector's Edition will just about be the best thing you've ever laid eyes on.

Eurogamer is reporting that a poster spotted by NeoGAF suggests that the CE will cost you €150 – or roughly $220 and will contain a whole heap of goodies.

Here's what you'll allegedly get:

- Exclusive Gentle Giant Darth Malgus statue
- Star Wars: The Old Republic game discs in collectable metal case
- The Journal of Master Gnost-Dural annotated by Satele Shan
- Old Republic galaxy map
- Custom security authentication key
- Exclusive music of Star Wars: The Old Republic CD
- High quality Collector’s Edition box

That's not all, the rest of the goodies take place in the digital realm:

- Flare gun: Fire flares into the air
- Training droid: Hovers at your side for combat assistance
- HoloDancer: Project your own holographic dancer
- HoloCam: Keep visual records of in-game adventures
- STAP: Sleek and unique in-game vehicle
- Exclusive Mouse Droid: Spunky droid to join your adventures
- Exclusive Collector’s Edition store: Unique in-game vendor with a dynamic assortment of items

BioWare will be at Comic-Con this weekend so we could get find out if this is all real or not, although it's a pretty elaborate list to be fake.

We'll keep you updated!